Building or Rebuilding Your Website? Slugs (Yeah, Slugs) Are Important... Here's Why

When you start building your new website within Wix, your URL structure is probably the last thing on your mind... but it's important to make sure that you double check your page names and their URL slugs before you publish your site - especially if you are migrating an existing website to Wix. Here's why.

Your website URLs are like digital addresses for your website content, that's why when somebody follows a link they end up where you want them to go. The cleaner you keep your URLs the more professional your website will appear and the easier it will be for search engines to index your website and its content.

Here's a snapshot of the different parts that make up a URL, the "slug" part of your URL is the very last bit...

Wix automatically generates a URL slug (ending) for each page that you create within the Wix Editor and for every blog post that you publish- but the name that Wix generates can easily be changed (and most of the time it SHOULD be)!

Sometimes you might make a copy a page you've created to replicate the design- it's important to always check the SEO settings of that page so that the URL slug is not at an address that looks something like

To adjust the name of the slug for your site pages, navigate to your site page within the Wix Editor and click on the 3 small dots to the right of the page you want to adjust, then select SEO (Google).

From there you will be given the option to adjust your URL slug. Keep it short & sweet. "/about" is better than "/about-us" and so on. Make sure that your slug describes the page accurately (and while you are at it... fill in the page title and description, too)!

The URL for your blog posts will be a little bit different because they will contain a category but you can still adjust the URL slug (ending) for each post.

To do this, navigate to the SEO section on the left navigation while you work on a blog post (it looks like a little magnifying glass). When you click this you'll see the option to adjust the slug of your URL, again keep it short and sweet.

Paying attention to your URL slugs as you build your website will help keep everything neat and tidy but they are even more important if you are recreating an existing website.

If your new URLs don't match your old URL's you will end up leaving a lot of dead links that will lead people to dead ends (you know those terrible 404/Error pages you run across every once in a while)? We don't want that! The good news is that if you aren't able to match your existing URL structure, you can easily set up redirects within Wix.

Learn more about the importance of setting up 301 redirects right in the Wix Help Center.

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